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Amen! He is all I need! <3


Amen! He is all I need! <3

i do not love dogs any more


haha that was a joke. i am pulling your legs, april fool. i will always love dogs and i will fight anyone who hurts a dog



Kohler’s new communications building is all about sustainability, from its Gold LEED certification to the associate-run composting program. 
Designed by Gensler, the building’s modern design includes floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the interior with natural light, not to mention some up-close and personal viewing of sandhill cranes and wild turkeys.


How many beasts does it take to screw in a lightbulb


The Rivaille fever is trespassing even through others animesSource: pixiv/51111

What is this I don&#8217;t even


The Rivaille fever is trespassing even through others animes
Source: pixiv/51111

What is this I don’t even

haha no it's all good! yeah, I love it too but I hate that my friends who aren't in school or in pre reqs don't understand that I actually have to study and just talk mess... which now that i'm reading this makes me question why i'm even friends with them.. but yeah!

Lol yeah the dilemma of balancing social life and academia can be challenging…I’m sure it’ll all work out one way or another. I am also in a very difficult program and while I have many friends who are in the same program as me and suffer the same challenges I do, some of my other friends don’t need to work or study as hard to succeed at what they do. So, we don’t see each other as much! But messaging is still good…at least it’s communication!



I was watching Karai’s Vendetta the other day right, when I happened to notice this random guy that April almost crashes into when Karai was chasing her. Look fast, he flinches. xD At the time I didn’t think much of it. Then I got on tumblr, discovered the new found Casey hype, and I was instantly reminded of it.

Now, the decked out Casey in the poster above is pretty lanky and appears to have long hair. Observe our buddy in the picture below. Lanky. Long hair. 

Is it a clever cameo? Is it just some random Punisher fanboy (I think the white spot on his shirt was a skull, although I’m probably wrong. Again, it was a quick scene. I’m even surprised that captured him at all. O.O) Or am I completely blowing this out of proportion which happens a lot. You be the judge.

You could be on to something o,o

This show re-uses its CGI models like there’s no tomorrow (since rendering new ones is super expensive and all that), so to have a teenager we don’t see five times whenever they go to the sewers means that the model has a very specific role… 

That dude’s prime candidate for being Casey.